Fusion 2:1

Saturday, April 29


fusionlogo_bluecircle_highresFusion 2:1
focuses on Maximizing your Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives!

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We inspire authentic, God-centered marriages. We desire to see couples experience a passionate, satisfying bond that they truly want to be a part of for life! To coach couples toward this real Fusion, the day will be drenched with hard-hitting, Biblical truths and heart-warming, practical tips.

FUSION 2:1 follows an ABSORB & APPLY approach. Woven into the presentations are chunks of time for couples to actually seek to braid these transforming principles into their lives through completing the discussion starters in the conference manuals. Interaction is couple-based only.

The following critical marriage issues will be covered: 

  1. The Laws of Attraction: If you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.
  2. The Gravity of Baggage: Resolving your hurts releases you to love freely.
  3. The Acceleration of Connection: Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel valued and loved.
  4. The Drag of Friction: Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.
  5. The Combustion of Passion: Finding mutual satisfaction in sex builds a powerful oneness.
  6. Finalé: Maximizing your marriage through braiding God into your lives.

Register for Fusion 2:1

NOTE: This event includes lunch for all registered  participants.