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i-Parent is designed to inspire and equip today’s parent in raising healthy and balanced children who will make a positive impact on their world. In spite of all the challenges facing you, we will passionately guide you as you format the next generation—your most valued possession.

Drenched with hard-hitting and timeless truths and laced with real life instances of both our failures and successes, this series will direct parents on how to really impact their kids in our busy, media-filled, sex-saturated culture. Get ready to be encouraged as we together face your parenting issues head-on!

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CONFIDENCE: Building in Greater Security
Learn how to raise confident kids free of anxiety who know their worth before God, possess a solid self-acceptance and acquire the strength to stand alone when needed.

TECHNOLOGY: Technological Warfare—Preparing your Kids for Online Battle
Learn how to practically walk through the electronic minefields of your children getting their own iPods, cell phones and laptops. How do you guide and protect your kids in the digital world? Learn how to avoid both family stress and life damage.