Marriage 2.0

Friday, April 28



marriage-2_highresMarriage 2.0 is a one of a kind, life-changing 1-day event for couples that believe that “The Best is Yet to Come.” Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie know that the 2nd half of marriage can be the best half with the right half-time adjustments. Couples are challenged not to just coast, co-exist or complement each other in the years ahead, but to find new God-honoring ways to really connect with each other.

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There are six life-refreshing, marriage-liberating sessions with over 15 discussion starters for husband and wife only. These engaging presentations cover these significant topics:

  • Togetherness: The heart of marriage is creating an inviting, life-long friendship.
  • Vintage: Your attitude in aging shapes your interaction in life.
  • Collaboration: Constructive closure keeps the conversation going.
  • Significance: Half-time adjustments increase true meaning in life.
  • Intimacy: Making love should never end—find a way.
  • Anchored: A deep faith in God is a sure foundation for life and beyond.

WHO SHOULD COME: This unprecedented seminar is recommended for couples facing the empty nest and beyond being 20 or more years married or over age 45 in a second marriage. This half is different!

Register for Marriage 2.0

NOTE: This event includes lunch for all registered  participants.